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 Simming Issues

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PostSubject: Simming Issues   Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:29 am

Has you've all noticed simming has become wildly infrequent.

Do to numerous issues with my 'simming' laptop and its inability to upload files, I've been using two laptops to sim.

While it isn't a massive pain, it has numerous derailed me as I have a propensity for living my macbook at work or forget to bring a flashdrive with me which leads me to be unable to sim.

Combining with this issue, is a combination of workload, training for firefighting tests and now beer brewing (and girlfriend eats up some time) I just don't have the proper time to run this league, nor the drive to do it.

I still love these sims, and I won't be leaving GM or OHL (or this one, if we can find a simmer), I just am unable to sim this anymore. Its not fair to anyone to have me sim 5 days in one night, then disappear for numerous days.

If anyone has the sim software and more adequate time to sim. , I'll happily transfer you the sim files.

Sorry Everyone.
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Simming Issues
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