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 Trade Regulations

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PostSubject: Trade Regulations   Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:13 pm

Trades must be posted through the forum for now. Once you have come to an agreement on a trade with another General Manager, please post it under the approved trades forum. No longer will a mod be required to post.

*The Commish/Mod Team do have veto power, but will only exercise this power if it is agreed by the Commish Team that the trade is indicative of a GM who is intent on destroying their team. In this event the involved GM's will be told why the trade was revoked.

Trades will be inputted to the SIM only after the following SIM.

*NTC's are active in the league, and because of the way the portal handles/mis-handles NTC's DARBY will act as the player/agent. In the event you attempt to trade a player with a NTC, you will have to notify Darby of the player needing to waive his NTC, and Darby will decide if the player will waive the NTC or not.

In the event Darby is involved with the trade, I will act as the player agent.

This may seem annoying or worrisome to some GM's, so my advice is to not hand out NTC clauses. Once a player waives his NTC, it's gone. So new teams will not be handcuffed by the previously signed NTC.
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Trade Regulations
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