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 League Rules

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PostSubject: League Rules   League Rules EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 4:26 pm

Salary cap for this league will start at $65,000,000, through the first two seasons in pro level, and $4,000,000 for AHL (remember that a player's AHL salary is 10% of his pro salary)

Cap floor will be $15,000,000 less then the salary cap for NHL
* For season 1 there is no cap floor *

Cap increases will be at the discretion of the Commish Team and the Moderators.

For the purposes of making life easier for GM’s, injuries shall be set to ‘off’ with the intent that this will remove the need for GM’s to submit line files as frequently.

All GM’s will be expected to submit line files. For those unable, please partner with someone who is able and who can submit a line file on your behalf

Goalies can start a MAXIMUM of 72 Games. Backups must start at least 10 games a season. Goalies who play more than 72 games started will be suspended for the first round of the playoffs – The simmer will monitor this

Maximum rookie (oos) salary is $1 million, 3 year term.

Max UFA salary is $12 million per season

Any team that goes over the CAP will have 48 hours to get it fixed or their top-rated player will be suspended for 5 games, if the cap issue isn't resolved by the end of the suspension, the GM will be given the opportunity to select punishment. If no response is given with-in 24 hours, I will make the call.

a) Surrender their top HF rated (7.5 or higher) OOS to UFA (Penalized team will not be allowed to reacquire said player for 1 season.
b) Their upcoming 1st round pick (must be for the next draft and will automatically become 20th pick and will be award via lottery to one of the other 19 teams)
c) If neither option is available, the top rated player will be released to UFA.

OOS (prospects) have to be created within 3 years of draft year. Otherwise they will become Free Agents.


A request can be submitted to league offices to change a player's listed position to that of another however the requesting team must provide evidence of the player at the requested position. Evidence considered valid would come from a reputable source such as,,,


This section is intended for prospects. There do exist certain non-prospect players who were not rated in the sim, as they likely did not play NHL hockey last year. They will be created on a case by case format.

For prospects who are not rated in-sim, a system is in place to create them.

Player creation will be based on numerous factors - depending which are available - Hockeyfutures and will be priority, in the event neither can be used, said prospects scouting report from his draft year will be used along with his last two seasons production.

This is not an exact science. Myself and Beedub will be open to discussing ratings with you, in an effort to resolve any concerns.

You can create as many Out Of Sim OOS, as you would like, while considering your max contract limit of 50.

*You can only request 3 creations at a time, and there is no timeline for how fast they will be added. I will not slow down the progress of the league just to add potentially useless players to the sim.

An OOS player doesn't count against this total until they are created.
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Posts : 292
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PostSubject: Re: League Rules   League Rules EmptyMon Oct 27, 2014 1:55 pm

Ammendment 1 - Oct.27th

Due to feedback. I've upped the maximum contracts for the The first season to 55 to allow for some flexibility with all the minor leaguers.

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League Rules
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